KTC 1790 . 1CD . 8711801017907 . 01/06/2023 . Etcetera Records


  • Wim Henderickx (1962)
  • Manuel Busto
  • Mathilde Wantenaar
  • Adrien Trybucki
  • Carlo Willems
  • Daahoud Salim
  • Frédéric Dirieux

Enkin (??) is a Japanese term that combines the concepts of distance and perspective, proximity and remoteness, here and there.

For Solar Duo, ENKIN is an allegorical representation of the thin and fragile line that connects an antagonistic duality. It is the axis that unites contemporary and traditional musical concepts as well as high and low sonorities, also including melodically and rhythmically separate discourses. ENKIN is complexity and simplicity, chaos and order. It aligns not only two worlds — the known and the unknown — but also as two cultures — Western and Eastern. Its two states of mind are calm and explosiveness. ENKIN is piccolo and percussion.

ENKIN is Solar Duo’s first album and was the starting point for much intellectual, cultural and emotional exploration as a result of the desire to find new possibilities in combining the piccolo with various percussion instruments.

It was a journey of experimentation with sound, one that aimed to project emotions to our listeners by offering an original and innovative sound in works that, even with a contemporary language, were intended to gather the essence of the traditions of many cultures.

This album contains three world premieres and one arrangement; all four pieces were commissioned specifically for this project and a new percussion instrument was even designed and manufactured for one of the pieces – not too mention the three existing works. It is the first time that the seven compositions that make up this album have been professionally recorded.

Sylvie Erauw (b. 1995 in Antwerp) studied percussion at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen with Carlo Willems and Koen Wilmaers, obtaining her master’s degree with highest distinction for both percussion and music education. She was awarded the PlayRight+ prize there in 2020. Sylvie has been a percussionist with the Royal Band of the Belgian Navy since 2020. She is also part of the comic-theatrical percussion quartet AkroPercu and is a member of the renowned wind ensemble I SOLISTI. Sylvie also remains very active as a freelance musician and works as a percussion teacher at the Municipal Academy for Music, Word and Dance in Vilvoorde.

Ester Esteban Solana (b. 1993 in Seville) was appointed piccolo soloist in the Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria in January 2023. Flute professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Badajoz (2021-2023*). She won first prize in the prestigious Piccolo Artist Competition in 2022 as well as the special prize for the best performance of a new work commissioned by the National Flute Association (NFA) in the USA. Other awards include the first prize at the Nordic Piccolo Artist Competition in Denmark and second prize in the piccolo category at the Severino Gazzelloni competition. Her musical training began at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Francisco Guerrero in Seville under Manuel Jesús Lucas; she later graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música under Luis Orden with the prize for the best academic record. She then undertook a Master’s degree in transverse flute at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel under Carlos Bruneel, and a Master’s degree in piccolo at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen under Peter Verhoyen; during this time she also worked with Ignacio de Nicolás, Juan Ronda and Francisco López.


Track listing

1 African Suite 06:26
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Wim Henderickx (1962)'
2 Jaleo’s bright 12:37
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Manuel Busto'
3 La canzone del piccolo uccellino 07:36
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Mathilde Wantenaar'
4 Fragments d’opale 10:28
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Adrien Trybucki'
5 Don’t Listen 07:55
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Carlo Willems'
6 Meditación, Reflexión y Epifanía 08:17
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Daahoud Salim'
7 Enkin 09:56
artists: 'Solar Duo '
composers: 'Frédéric Dirieux'